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Oh no, my key just broke in the lock!

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It can be a real shock when you go to twist your key in the lock and it ends up snapping. Here are some tips to help you get through the situation. 

Stop and assess

If you have noticed that the key has snapped the first thing to do is to stop and check out how bad the damage is. Sometimes a snap or crack in the key in a cold temperature can sound more dramatic than it is. The first step if you hear a loud crash is to take your hands off the key and check out the damage. It can be worth snapping a picture with your smart phone to send to repairers to show them the situation. 

Look for local repairers

If you have a look at the lock and discover that the key is shattered within the lock it is important to stop trying to retrieve the key and instead find a professional repairer to ensure that all shards of the key are removed and ensure that no fragments remain as this can mean that you can't use spare keys in the lock. Repairers have special tool that can help them to extract small pieces of a broken key from a lock. It can be very helpful to send a photo of the broken key in the lock so that hey can select the right type and size of tools to bring to your job. 

Investigate why your key broke

While you might feel like the job is done as soon as you are back in the house, it's important to work out exactly why your key broke in the first place and resolving the issue to prevent future breakages. This could include using a different style of material for your new key to suit your climate conditions or any other environment constraints as well as looking at the kind of lock that you have. Sometimes having an old lock that has not been maintained well can also contribute to a key breaking in service. Understanding why your key has broken can prevent you having similar issues in the future!

If you have found that your key has broken in the lock it is important to stay calm. Take a photo of the issues and send it to a local key cutting service so that they can send you a technician with the right tools to fix the problem and cut you a new key. 


16 May 2017