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Signs Your Residential Air Conditioning May Need an Overhaul

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Homeowners will typically consider air conditioning services right before the summer or the winter to ensure that their system will work in optimum condition. However, if you find that you are routinely engaging in repair and maintenance, it may be time to consider overhauling your system and getting an entirely new unit. The initial cost of purchasing a brand new system may seem expensive, but in reality, it would save you more in the long term as you will not have to spend money on unnecessary repairs. New air conditioning installation is particularly essential if your unit is advanced in age. So what are some of the signs that your air conditioning may need an overhaul?

The airflow is limited or inconsistent

One of the first symptoms of an air conditioning unit that is in decline is problems with heating and cooling your home. These problems can manifest in many different ways. For one, you may find that your air conditioning unit is taking a long time to reach the desired temperature.

On the other hand, you may start to notice that parts of your home are either hotter or colder than the ambient temperature that you have set. Some people may even find that the air conditioning unit starts to cycle on and off on its own accord. If the unit is not suffering from any clogs or blockages, chances are your system needs to be replaced, as it is past its shelf life.

There is an accumulation of moisture

Air conditioning units will form moisture on occasion due to condensate. However, these water droplets should be minimal and should probably be able to be remedied if the condensate pan is emptied on a routine basis. However, if you find that you constantly have to contend with leakage around your unit, it's likely that there is an underlying problem with the system.

One of the more common culprits of this issue is a refrigerant leak, and this issue would have to be attended to post haste, as this can pose a health risk in your residence. Moreover, without adequate coolant, your air conditioning unit will lose its ability to cool the home.

The constant presence of moisture inside the unit will also provide a breeding ground for mould inside your unit. As the mould grows, the spores will be dispersed into your home as air is circulated, which is a serious concern. If you find that repair and maintenance are not fixing the moisture problem, you should contemplate overhauling your unit.


16 May 2017