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What You Need to Know About Land Surveys

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Whether you own property or want to buy land, you want to make sure that you don't accidentally encroach on your neighbors' land and receive penalties. More importantly, you don't want anyone encroaching on your land. A good way to avoid this is to have your land surveyed. You are likely to need a surveyor for the following situations:

  1. You are subdividing land for any reason, whether for inheritance or for a construction project.
  2. You are buying land or property. This is to ascertain that the property is as described by the seller and to identify any encroachments and easements that might be on the property.
  3. You are planning a development on your land or property. This survey will help you make plans for the project
  4. When you are applying for a loan or using your property as security or title insurance, a survey might be required.
  5. When there is a dispute about boundaries with your neighbors.

A common mistake people make is to presume that a survey that was done many years ago is still valid. However, many changes usually occur over the years, whether legal changes about the land or construction of property, and they affect the land. 

Boundary measurements

When a surveyor has surveyed your property and established the boundaries, you can be certain of the boundaries of your property. This is going to help you put up a perimeter fence and plan for any other developments that you intend to make on your property. The surveyor will usually put rebar to mark the corners of the property for future reference. Also, the surveyor will give you a map of your property that details its layout.

Details of the property

A surveyor is able to note the relevant details of the property, like buildings and walls. Usually the surveyor is well versed in the local property laws. If you are planning a development, the surveyor will use the details of the property to show you the extents to which any changes can be made to the property. The surveyor will also identify any easements and zoning issues that affect your property, like a roads expansion project.


The cost of conducting a survey depends on the nature of the land as well as the property search which is usually done. If the piece of land to be surveyed doesn't have even terrain, there are a lot of obstacles, and the land is large or has many subdivisions, you might pay more for the survey. Always work with a surveyor who is licensed to survey your property.


16 May 2017