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4 Kinds of Damage to Used Shipping Containers

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You need to check a used shipping container for damage before you buy it. Read on and discover some of the most common kinds of damage that you should keep an eye on as you compare different shipping containers.

Floor and Wall Damage

The floor and walls of a shipping container play an important role in keeping rodents and the elements away from your belongings inside the container. It is helpful for you to look closely at the walls and the floor before you buy a used shipping container. First, shut the container's doors while you are inside. Look at the floor and all the walls. Your eyes should be geared at identifying the spots where light is getting in from outside. Total darkness means that the walls and the floor don't have any damage to the floorboards or the sheets of steel on the walls.

Next, examine the floor for dings and dents that may have been made by cargo handling equipment. Avoid buying a shipping container with extensive floor and wall damage.

Damage to Rails and Corner Posts

The structural integrity of shipping containers depends on the state of the rails and the corner posts. Look at each of the rails at the bottom and the top of the container to confirm that they are straight. Confirm that the corner posts don't have more than surface rust on them. Select a shipping container whose rails and corner posts form right angles because such a container will have the same shape it had when it was manufactured.

Door Damage

Try to open and close the doors of the shipping container. Do they align perfectly with their frame? Check the hinges for rust or any other kind of damage, such as cracks. Select a container whose doors are in a good condition. Such doors open or close easily, especially if they are greased.

Exterior Paint

Examine the exterior of the shipping container. Has it been repainted? Ask the supplier to show you the shipping containers that still have their factory-applied paint. Compare that paint with the one on the container that you are considering to buy. Opt for a shipping container that still has its original paint. Such paint will last longer because it was applied in a controlled environment.

When looking at shipping containers for sale, considering the factors above will help you pick a higher quality container. Go along with an experienced person in case you feel unsure about your ability to select the best container for your needs.


17 May 2017