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Custom Marketing for Effective PT Promoting


As a personal trainer, it's important to market yourself as much as possible to ensure that potential clients recognise your brand. According to ISPO News we make 100,000 decisions a day, with 90 percent of our purchasing decisions being made subconsciously. In a profession where face-to-face contact is essential, you should take advantage of these statistics and employ smart promotional tools that are cheap and effective.

Custom Name Cards

Custom name cards are the perfect place to start, as they allow you to provide customers with essential information in a format that can be given to people without them having to trawl the Internet. This enables them to do your promoting for you, which can increase the number of people your PT business comes into contact with, whilst saving you vast amounts of money on self-promotion. If a potential client carries your name card around with them, they may end up passing it on to friends and family thus increasing your area of effect.

Custom Badges

You can even take your name cards and turn them in to custom badges with the help of some laminate and a safety pin. If the card itself contains your own logo or text, it will further promote your brand, especially if it's linked to posters and flyers around the gym. The information that should be written on the card is your name, your occupation and a contact number or email. Whilst talking to potential gym customers you'll be marketing your services with minimal effort, and if someone wants your contact details you can allow them to photograph the name badge or give them one of your business cards.

Making Better Use

Name cards and badges are also great if you plan on running gym introduction packs. When you've finished showing the new member around the gym you can provide them with a handy pack to take away. This should include a timetable of the various classes and general safety information. However you can really use it to your advantage by attaching one of you custom badges and providing free electronic resources such as a meal planner or training guide. If these are custom designed, you can utilise your own branding and further link your services together.

Being a personal trainer is all about exposure. Don't be afraid to market yourself and speak to people on the gym floor. The more they are exposed to you as a service, the more likely they will be to employ you. Taking the time to have custom resources made will help to you to stand out from generic box gym trainers, and provide you with a unique personalised touch. 


17 May 2017