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Rookie Taxi Drivers: 3 Types of Regular Customers You Should Approach

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If you have recently started work as a taxi driver, you may notice that you are working during quieter times of the day. It is normal for a rookie taxi driver to have to work their way up the pecking order until they get to drive at the busiest times of the day. However, starting out doesn't mean you can't cultivate repeat customers who will help to keep your income healthy. Below is a guide to 3 types of customers who make the perfect repeat customer.

Passengers with a disability

Many disabled people frequently use taxis in order to get around, as they are much easier to use compared to public transport. You should keep in mind that a disabled person may require a little bit of help entering and exiting the taxi and you may need to collapse their wheelchair or store their walking stick in the boot. Some disabilities can also cause speech impediments, deafness and other issues with communication, so you should install a hearing aid loop in your cab as well as a voiced text device. This will allow a disabled person to communicate with you during the ride.

Business people

Businessmen and women who are frequently corporate flyers will need to catch regular flights in and out of a city. You should advertise your services and offer cheap airport transfers. While the discount may mean you do not make as much per ride, the increased volume of regular work should offset any discount offered. As an added bonus, you should install a power point in the back of your cab so corporate clients can charge their phones and tablets on the way to and from the airport.

Bar workers

Bar workers will often not finish work until 4 am in the morning. At that time, they will often be looking for a taxi cab to take them home rather than walking the dark streets. You should visit bars and pubs to offer your services to the staff. If you impress the staff with your service, they may recommend you to customers who ask at the bar for the number of a taxicab company, which will bring in even more trade.

By targeting specific customers and providing a great service, you will soon build up a number of regular jobs. If you would like to find out more about driving a taxi, you should contact a taxicab company, such as United Taxis, today.


17 May 2017