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Why You Should Consider Online Dissolved Gas Analysis for Your Transformers

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Did you know that you can now install an online device to monitor the condition of your transformers? Read on and discover some of the key benefits of using an online dissolved gas analysis device to monitor the transformers at your manufacturing plant.

What They Are

Online dissolved gas analysis (DGA) devices are devices that are installed on transformers that are in service. The device collects and analyses samples of the gases that are given off as a transformer is operating. These gas samples are usually taken from the oil in the core of the transformer.

The device then sends its findings to a database that is located offsite so that technicians and facilities managers can decide when to take action before a problem gets worse.

Benefits of Online DGAs

Greater Sample Integrity. Traditionally, technicians would go and collect samples from the transformers in the field. Those samples would then be taken to laboratories for analysis. This process created room for the samples to be contaminated. For example, the sample could interact with ambient air in the brief minutes or seconds between its collection and storage in a designated receptacle. The analysis of such a sample can be skewed by the impact of the impurities that affect the sample during that chain of handling. Online DGAs remove any chance that the samples collected will have any impurities. This is because the device analyses the sample at the source without removing it from the core of the transformer. Thus, the results obtained give a more accurate picture of the state of the transformer.

Reduced Labour Costs. The online tool also helps to reduce how often technicians have to head out to the transformer. Those field trips usually involve several costs, such as commute charges and hourly payments for the technician while he or she is in the field. Those costs can be reduced because technicians will no longer have to go to physically assess the condition of the transformer. The online device provides reports about most aspects of the life of the transformer.

Optimised Resource Allocation. Online DGAs can provide historical data about the deterioration of the transformers at a facility. Such information can help decision makers to allocate the available resources to the area where they are most needed. For example, a decision can be made to replace a transformer whose performance hasn't shown any marked improvement despite undergoing several repairs.

As you can see, online dissolved gas analysis devices can take the management and maintenance of power equipment to a higher level. Don't hesitate to contact your supplier of power equipment so that you explore what options of online DGAs can be suitable for your transformers.


17 May 2017