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Seeking Jewellery Repair Services? Be Sure to Ask These Questions First

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Jewellery, without a doubt, is stunning. The more exquisite the gemstone and the more brilliant the metal, the more you want to keep it safe from harm. But jewellery pieces are bound to succumb to one form of damage or another at some point in their lifespan. And if you wear your pieces on a regular basis, then you should be on the lookout for minor damages that will occur due to normal wear and tear. Once you notice some damage, it is important to take the piece for jewellery repairs as soon as possible to prevent the damage from worsening. However, before you entrust your jewellery to a professional, you should know a few things. Here is a brief list of three questions that you should be sure to ask when seeking jewellery repair services.

Have you ever worked on this type of damage?

Some jewellery repairs, such as resizing rings and resetting gemstones, are quite common. Thus, a majority of jewellers will be capable of handling them. Nonetheless, only a specialised jeweller should handle some repairs. For example, some jewellers may focus on repairing watches while others only deal with rings. Additionally, some damage can be quite extensive and will need a specialised skill set. Thus, for your own best interests, it is advisable to inquire if they have ever dealt with your specific issue.

How many people will work on the piece of jewellery?

In typical cases, one person will carry out the entire repair process on your piece of jewellery. However, some companies may have multiple people work on a single piece, perhaps due to staff shortage or another reason. It is essential to have your piece dealt with by one person so that there is no miscommunication regarding the repairs. Furthermore, when one individual handles your repair, there is no risk of discrepancies in the work.

Will the gemstone be the same?

If your piece of jewellery has an expensive gemstone, you could be anxious about it being switched. The reality, though, is that jewellers will not return a different gemstone since this would be terrible for business. What you can do is thoroughly inspect the gemstone through the jeweller's tools such as a loupe and a dichroscope so that you have a clear idea of the identifying markers on your own gemstone. Once the jewellery repairs are done, you can re-examine the stone with the same tools to ensure it still presents the same unique characteristics that you had taken note of.


19 June 2019