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Top Accessories That a Quality Smartphone Protective Cover Should be Compatible With

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According to statistics, 80% of the Australian population owns a smartphone, and part of this can be attributed to the abilities of smartphone technology. Today, it is easy to do many different things with one gadget; therefore, smartphone protection is mandatory. Smartphone protective covers are designed to protect the mobile gadgets from damage, but that should not be all. While protection is the primary role, protective covers should provide more. This article highlights critical accessories that a lifeproof case must be compatible with. 

Belt Clips

The belt clip first came to the limelight during the pager days in the '90s because it allowed users quick access to their pagers without having to yank them out. The clip later fizzled out with the emergence of smartphone technology because everyone did not want to let go of their mobile phone. The good thing is that belt clips have made a return, and they are cooler than before. However, while most smartphones accept belt clips, most protective cover brands do not. Therefore, it leaves you to make a tough decision between a protective cover and ease of use. Quality protective covers designed to accept belt clips allow you to enjoy the best of both worlds. Not only is your phone protected, but you can also clip it on your belt for ease of operation. 

Smartphone Mount Platforms

Over the years, overwhelming evidence showed a direct correlation between phone use amongst motorists and road accidents. It is for this reason that phone mounts were developed. The devices allow drivers to quickly mount their phones in plain view and use them without losing concentration. However, some of the mounts are rendered useless, especially on phones with protective covers. The reason is that most are not designed with a unique mounting feature at the back. Therefore, when buying a protective cover for your smartphone, ensure the design accepts smartphone mounts. 

Rotating Ring

There is no doubt that the number of selfies taken every day is massive. It just shows that the majority of smartphone users love taking pictures. However, most people hold their phones when taking selfies, exposing the gadgets to potential drops. That is why some users prefer to stick a rotating ring on their phones through which a finger holds the device. Even with a rotating ring, accidental drops will still lead to damage if you do not use a protective cover. That is why you must purchase a protective cover that allows you to stick the rotating ring on the back easily. That way, if your finger accidentally slips from the rotating ring, then the protective cover will still prevent any significant damages.


16 January 2020