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The Simple Addition That Can Transform Your Ute

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Utes are some of the most popular vehicles in Australia due to their ruggedness, storage capacity and quality craftsmanship. Because of these qualities, they are especially popular as work vehicles for the various tradies that make up much of the country's blue-collar workforce. Many accessories come out for utes every year to make them more useful for specific jobs, but there is one addition that will completely revolutionise how you use your ute going forward: the ute crane. Here are just a few reasons why a ute crane is an essential addition for any ute owner.

Loading Your Ute

As mentioned above, one of the key features of a ute is its storage capacity. From carpenters to bricklayers, every tradie knows that you can load up an awful lot of equipment and material in the back of a ute. The problem is that much of the things you want to store in your ute are quite heavy and require a lot of effort to do so safely. A ute crane makes this process exponentially easier and safer. It can be set up by one person, and its maximum weight capacity is far greater than what you would be able to lift on your own or even with a colleague. If you are constantly dealing with the loading and unloading of very heavy material, then a ute crane might just be the solution to your problems.

Very Maneuverable

Construction sites can be minefields to try and navigate for the bigger vehicles you need to use, and there is none bigger than the mighty crane. Cranes take a long time to set up and use, and often they cannot even be used for small jobs that are in tight space due to safety concerns. A ute crane can be squeezed into just about anywhere and can do a very adequate job on smaller tasks. When you need to lift a few hundred kilograms and the options are doing the backbreaking work yourself or maneuvering your ute into the spot to do it for you, the choice is clear.

Personal Use

The great thing about a ute crane is that it doesn't just have applications for your work. If you are going on holiday and want to load up some heavier equipment like a quad bike, generator, large tent or anything else, a ute crane could be your knight in shining armour. The last thing you want when going on holiday is having to work out the logistics of loading up hundreds of kilograms of supplies. Take all the stress out of big trips by using a ute crane that can be stored safely away when it is not needed. 


13 March 2020