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The Advantages of Drone Surveying

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Drones have become a permanent fixture in the operations of many commercial enterprises across the world. One of the most popular uses for drones is for surveying land. For businesses looking to understand how drones might benefit your company, keep reading to find out.

Core Competencies

Drones and UAV's, in general, have the capability of providing immense value to projects, particularly in the conceptual and surveying stage. Depending on the equipment type such as the data sensors and your current competencies, drone operators can produce a variety of deliverables to clients. Below are a few examples of the types of deliverables drone surveying can provide.

  • 2D and 3D orthomosaic maps

Orthomosaic maps are maps that are formed from drones taking thousands of pictures of the desired land and piecing them together to form an accurate and coherent map and picture. The key benefit to orthomosaic imaging is that it provides users with true measures of distance, undistorted by typical satellite and aerial photography. This naturally gives surveyors the advantage of providing extremely accurate distance-mapping

  • Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging allows surveyors to identify abnormal heat signatures in constructions. Typically, the equipment used for thermal imaging is a radiometric camera, which can be installed onto drones, and measures temperature by interpreting infrared waves /signals reaching the camera, allowing for accurate surface readings.

  • 3D Modelling

After using drones to accurately survey the land in question, 3D architectural models can then be easily applied, and the safety and suitability can be assessed realistically and affordably. By using 3D modelling and drone survey in tandem with BIM (Building information modelling) software, we can compare the results accordingly.

Applications of Drones in Land Surveying

While it is all well and good knowing drone capabilities, what are they used for currently? Below are two examples of how drones are used to survey land today.

Police and Emergency Services

Police and emergency services can use drones for a variety of different applications. Notably, drones help in mapping areas related to crime scenes but can also be used to devise contingency and emergency plans in the event of things such as shootings and terrorism. Drones ultimately provide the police with a much clearer picture of the areas they are operating in, and it helps to cut costs compared to relying totally on manned helicopters, for example.

Real Estate

Real estate has made excellent use of drones for showing prospective client's larger properties. On the ground, it can be hard to get a full sense of the size and layout of the property, so by mapping it out with a drone, estate agents can provide much more detailed information for customers. This has been of great use for showcasing commercial and industrial properties.

For more information on drone surveying, reach out to a land surveyor near you. 


21 May 2020