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How Do You Go About Investing In The Right Workwear For Your Staff?

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Uniforms have been around for time immemorial. But simply because workwear has been around for decades on end, that does not mean that when you choose to integrate uniforms into your business, it will be simply about finding the cheapest supplier. A lot of thought should go into the process to ensure that you are purchasing workwear that fits within your operational budget. You also want uniforms that are representative of your brand while also being clothes that would make a majority of your employees happy. With that in mind, picking the right workwear may seem like a near-impossible task. However, with the right guidance, it does not have to be. This piece offers a little insight that should help you know how best to go about investing in the right workwear for your staff.

How will the uniform contribute to your company's brand image?

Before you decide on what the uniforms should look like, you need to establish what image you are looking to portray with the workwear. For example, if you were in the financial sector, would you like to appeal to a young and trendy crowd or prefer to engage the older generation with greater spending power? Your target demographic would have a direct influence on the design of the workwear, so this has to be at the top of your list.

Additionally, you need to determine the messaging of your company. Are you trying to portray an image of being hip and fun, or would you rather base your brand on being stable and trustworthy? Before making decisions on the cut of the pants, lengths of skirts, designs of the sweaters or blazers and so on, be sure that you have thought about how each choice will best market your brand's image.

How comfortable will your employees be in the workwear?

Comfortability is vital if you are going to keep your staff happy and motivated while they are in their new uniforms. Granted, you cannot please everybody. Nonetheless, prioritising some elements can go a long way in ensuring that a majority of your employees are satisfied. To begin with, do not skimp on quality. Fabrics such as polyester, acrylic and other synthetic materials are certainly cheap, but they do not offer any comfort. Not only will some of your employees be itchy all day, but others may also have a full-blown allergic reaction.

The high flammability of synthetic fibres also makes them hazardous. Instead, consider investing in natural fibres such as cotton that are both breathable and easy to wear. Secondly, try to keep the workwear as basic as possible. Frills such as berets, cufflinks, ties, stiff collars and more simply mean your workers have to spend more time each morning getting their uniform looking presentable, and this can cut into the productivity of your company.


19 October 2020