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Two Tips for Shop Owners Who Want to Start Selling Arts N' Crafts Supplies

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If you think that some of your customers might be interested in arts and crafts and have decided to set up a small arts n' crafts section in your shop, here are a few pointers you might like.

Make sure this section of your shop sells rare earth block magnets

In addition to ensuring that this section features basic arts and crafts goods, such as pencils, watercolour paints, drawing paper, knitting needles and wool, you should also ensure that you stock it with plenty of rare earth block magnets. The reason for this is as follows; many arts n' crafts enthusiasts consider these magnets to be a staple in their collection of supplies. This is because these magnets are incredibly strong and can be used for any number of craft projects.

For example, people who make their own metal sculptures and ornaments will often use these magnetic blocks to join together the various components that their artwork is comprised of, as due to how strong rare earth magnets are, they can keep metal items stuck together, even if the artwork gets knocked over. Similarly, crafters who make fridge magnets will often stick these magnetic blocks on the back of the objects they have made, as they know that these blocks are so powerful that they can stick to even the slipperiest of fridge doors. As such, if you stock your craft section with these magnets, you might find that they become one of the top-selling items in this part of your shop.

Include art and craft supplies for both adults and children

When stocking this new section of your shop, you should ensure that you fill it with art n' crafts supplies for both adults and children. The reason for this is as follows: even if you have overestimated the number of your customers who are personally interested in art or crafting, there is a very good chance that many of them have kids, nephews, nieces or grandchildren whom they might like to buy arts and crafts supplies for. As such, in addition to selling things like oil paints, complex embroidery patterns and high-quality colouring pencils, you should also sell child-friendly jewellery-making kits, as well as crayons, colouring books and simple paint-by-number kits.

It should be noted that you must clearly label which items are suitable for children to use. For example, extra-strong magnets like the ones mentioned above should only be used either by adults or by children who are being supervised by adults. Clarifying this with signage will ensure that your customers can safely enjoy using all of your fun arts and crafts supplies.


8 December 2020