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Jet Ski Dock Buying Guide

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If your property has a waterfront, a jet ski dock will make it easy for you to dock your watercraft when it is not in use. Most people do not know what to look for in a jet ski dock, so they end up buying the wrong dock. Below is an excerpt with some jet ski dock buying tips. Hopefully, it will help you avoid oversights when purchasing the dock. 


In some cases, the local council or maritime organisations could require you to follow specific regulations when installing a dock. Flouting these regulations could lead to legal problems in the future. Contact a dock installation contractor to establish if you require permits to install the dock. Moreover, check whether the deck needs to meet specific standards before you commission it for use.

Size of The Dock

The size of the dock is primarily determined by the number of watercraft you intend to dock and whether you need to use the dock for other purposes. For instance, it could be you want to use it as a recreational area. If you have several jet skis, go for a multi-jet ski dock that can safely hold several watercraft. If the dock will be used as a recreational area, determine the number of people that will use the dock and the amenities you intend to install on the dock. It will give you a rough idea of the dock's dimensions and shape.        


You have a wide range of materials to choose from when buying your jet ski dock. For instance, wooden docks are preferable due to their natural appeal. However, ensure the wood used is weather-treated to prevent rot. Composite decks are a viable alternative to wooden docks since they require less maintenance and last longer. Aluminium decks last longest compared to their counterparts. Besides, they come in different designs and colours.  

Features Of The Dock 

One of your concerns would be whether the deck is permanent or removable. Typically, permanent docks are fixed to the ground. They are perfect for areas that do not experience a lot of turbulence or a change in water levels. On the other hand, removable docks float on the water surface. They can accommodate rising water levels. Moreover, you can remove them during storms and hurricanes. 

Once you decide what kind of jet ski deck you need, check what the various manufacturers offer. Online reviews of jet ski docks for sale will help you compare the different products. As a rule, go for manufacturers or dealers that offer warranties, shipping, and installation. Besides, ensure the deck is reasonably priced. 


30 March 2022