Rebecca George

Signs Your Residential Air Conditioning May Need an Overhaul

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Homeowners will typically consider air conditioning services right before the summer or the winter to ensure that their system will work in optimum condition. However, if you find that you are routinely engaging in repair and maintenance, it may be time to consider overhauling your system and getting an entirely new unit. The initial cost of purchasing a brand new system may seem expensive, but in reality, it would save you more in the long term as you will not have to spend money on unnecessary repairs.

16 May 2017

7 Essentials for Creating Straight Lines With Line Marking Equipment

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Whether you're marking lines in a car park, a sports pitch or anywhere else, the lines likely need to be straight. Line marking equipment makes it easier to create a straight line than applying paint directly from the can, but in addition to using the right equipment, there are additional key steps you should take to ensure the lines are straight. 1. Don't Line Mark in Wet Conditions The ground conditions can affect how your line marking equipment works.

8 May 2017